Se & An shpk was founded in 1999 by Mr. Selaudin Sulejmani. In the beginning, it was born as a small business that imported various food products from Italy, mainly pasta, flour, tomato sauce, etc. These products were stored in a small warehouse of about 200 m2 in the city of Durres and then sold to different customers in Durres, Tirana and the surrounding areas. Taking advantage of the lack of similar and quality products in the Albanian market, the activity increased continuously and the products occupy an important place in the market. The clientele began to spread over almost the entire Albanian territory and the range of imported products increased even further.

Now the company Se & An shpk has its headquarters and warehouses in the Euro Business 2006 warehouse complex on the Durres-Tirana KM 3 highway and distributes its products almost all over the territory. 100% of its capital shares are owned by Mr. Selaudin Sulejmani, who is also the administrator of the company.


The range of imported products consists of almost all food items, but not only, that a family may need. Among them we can mention: Pasta, various tomato sauces, flour, olive oil, corn oil, fruit juices, water, cookies, crackers, cold tea, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, various detergents, etc.

It is the sole importer and exclusive distributor for the Albanian territory of some well-known brands of these products, among which we can mention:

Brand “ANNA” – Tomato concentrates, Pelati, Polpa, Peas, etc
Brand “LA MOLISANA” – Pasta
Brand “LORI” – Pasta
Brand “DI LEO” – Various cookies
“CRICH” brand – Various cookies, Wafers, Crackers, etc
Brand “MENGAZZOLI” – Red/White Vinegar, Apple Vinegar, Baslamic Vinegar, etc
Brand “MASIELLO” – Olives, Kerpurdha, Karcof etc. canned in cans
Brand “YOGA” – Fruit Juice
Brand “PULIRAPID” – Detergents of all kinds


With a storage area of about 2000 m2, with tools and equipment for managing goods of the latest technologies, means of transport in its possession and an efficient distribution network, the company Se & An shpk ensures a timely distribution of its products throughout the country. .

Se & An shpk is an important reality with a safe and ambitious design for the future in a market in constant evolution. For years, the company Se & An shpk has been operating with enthusiasm and with the primary goal of meeting the needs of the consumer with quality products. Another important element that creates value for the company is the motivated and correct staff, on which a good part of our success is based.

Our mission is to fulfill and satisfy the needs of the customer through the trading of a wide range of quality products at a reasonable price. High commitment to the timely and correct implementation of this mission is our daily challenge.

Our vision is to become a leading company in the marketing and distribution of high quality food products and detergents not only in the Albanian market but also in Macedonia and Kosovo.


Our main suppliers with whom we have established a correct and cooperative relationship over the years are some of the busiest factories in the food industry in Italy. Among them we can mention:

Conserve Italia so.coop
Attianese spa
Nuova Industrie Biscotto Crich spa
La Molisana srl
Food Service srl
Di Leo Pietro spa
Madel International spa
Agride srl
Molini Tandoi srl
Accetificio Mengazzoli srl

Our clients are spread over almost the entire territory of the Republic of Albania. They are divided into 3 categories:

Wholesale trade

We cooperate with important wholesale and retail merchants in every city of the country and with well-known supermarket chains such as: Conad, Extra Makret, Big Market, Your Market, etc.

Se&An Sh.p.k

Address: Tirana-Durres highway, “Vellazerimi” street, Durres

“Euro Business 2006” complex (Albania)


E-mail (Yahoo) : sean.shpk@yahoo.it

Phone : +355 522 64 863

Cell : +355 6740 82 841/ +355 6920 82 841

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